How To Know If You Need To Head Over To The Emergency Dentist

You might have a regular dentist that you usually go to for all of your cleanings and checkups, but there might be a time when you need to visit the emergency dentist. Emergency dental clinics are usually set up so they are open every day of the week and for extended hours during the day. They do not usually require their patients to have appointments, so walk-ins are accepted. How do you know if you are facing a situation that requires the attention of an emergency dentist? Read More 

3 Common Causes Of Toothaches

Pain in or around the tooth is often referred to as a toothache. Tooth pain can be mild or severe. It can also radiate to the jaw, face, and neck. Tooth pain can also be accompanied by sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks. If you experience a toothache, you should never ignore it, even if the pain is not that bad. Pain in the tooth usually means there is a problem. Read More 

Clear Aligners For Teeth Straightening: What You Need To Know

If you are looking for a way to straighten your teeth but you do not want to get metal braces, clear aligners may be for you. Clear aligners are especially great for adults who do not wish to wear braces, since they are essentially invisible. You will be able to feel comfortable in your professional life while getting your teeth straightened. The following are some things you should know if you are considering clear aligners as a tooth straightening option. Read More 

FAQ About Medicaid Dental Coverage

If you are looking at dental insurance for you or your family but don't think you can afford a plan, you may want to look at Medicaid dental coverage. Here are some questions you might have about Medicaid dental coverage. Who Can Get Medicaid Dental Services? Every state has its own laws concerning Medicaid, so you will have to check your state's laws to see who is eligible. Medicaid often provides low-cost, or free, dental care to the following: Read More 

How A Family Dentist Helps Single Mothers

Single mothers trying to take care of a child have to work hard to set a great example for their child. For example, they need to do what they can to model great dental behaviors that help a child not only keep their teeth healthy but also react well to their first trip to a family dentist. Setting an Early Precedent Helps Children With Dentists Young children often don't quite know why dental care is so important. Read More