How To Know If You Need To Head Over To The Emergency Dentist

You might have a regular dentist that you usually go to for all of your cleanings and checkups, but there might be a time when you need to visit the emergency dentist. Emergency dental clinics are usually set up so they are open every day of the week and for extended hours during the day. They do not usually require their patients to have appointments, so walk-ins are accepted. How do you know if you are facing a situation that requires the attention of an emergency dentist? Take a few minutes to review the following:

You Have An Infection Brewing

If you believe that you have an infected tooth that either seriously became a problem just recently or that you have been putting off taking care of for a while, you will want to seek out emergency dental assistance. Infections are nothing to mess around with, as they can quickly spread and get into your bloodstream. Therefore, if you believe you have an infected tooth and your regular dentist cannot see you right away, you will want to seek out emergency dental care.

A Tooth Got Knocked Out

However it happened, if you have a tooth that got accidentally knocked out of place, you will want to try to see if a dentist can save the tooth and put it back in place for you. This will require immediate care though, so you cannot wait a couple of days to be seen by your regular dentist. If he or she is not able to squeeze you in immediately, then you want to visit a nearby emergency dental clinic that accepts walk-ins.

A Crack Developed In A Tooth

Even if the tooth is still in place and you are not feeling any pain, you will want to go straight to the emergency dental clinic if you can see a crack in your tooth. The problem is, if you wait too long, the crack can get worse, and an infection could develop. To give yourself the best shot at avoiding any of that, you will want to seek immediate treatment. The emergency dentist will be able to examine the tooth and take some x-rays in order to determine if the tooth can be saved or if it will need to be extracted.

If you are not sure where the nearest emergency dentist is, now would be a good time to start your search. This way, you will already know where they are should you ever need to go there.