Clear Aligners For Teeth Straightening: What You Need To Know

If you are looking for a way to straighten your teeth but you do not want to get metal braces, clear aligners may be for you. Clear aligners are especially great for adults who do not wish to wear braces, since they are essentially invisible. You will be able to feel comfortable in your professional life while getting your teeth straightened. The following are some things you should know if you are considering clear aligners as a tooth straightening option.

How Long Do You Need to Wear the Aligners?

The amount of time you will have to wear the aligners will strongly depend on the condition of your teeth and your overall needs. If you only have to straighten a few teeth, you may only have to wear the aligners for a few months. However, if you have substantial issues with the shape and condition of your teeth, you may have to wear them for up to a couple years.

When you see your orthodontist throughout your treatment, he or she will look at the progress you are making with the aligners. The orthodontist will also check your gums and make sure they are healthy and thriving while you wear the aligners.

How Often Can You Remove the Aligners?

You should plan to wear the aligners around the clock with the exception of eating and cleaning your teeth. Ideally, you should not have the aligners out of your mouth for more than a couple hours each day at the most. This means you have to sleep while wearing your aligners. Fortunately, they are easy to take in and out when necessary.

How Should You Care for Your Teeth?

When you wear clear aligners, you should remember to take proper care of your teeth. When you wear the aligners, your teeth can still get stained when you drink certain beverages, such as tea, red wine, or coffee. Excess plaque can also build up under the aligners during the day. You will likely need to brush your teeth more often than normal to prevent any of these issues.

Will You Need Additional Treatment?

You may need additional treatment after you have finished your treatment with the aligners. Your orthodontist will check the condition of your teeth once you are done and decide if you need refinement aligners to help correct a few teeth. You may also have to wear a retainer once your aligner treatment is over to preserve your new straight teeth.