How Dental Crowns Help Boxers With Bad Teeth Avoid Career Issues

Boxing is a very challenging career for many, especially physically because it can impact many elements unpredictably. Unfortunately, damage to the teeth is fairly common in boxing, even small damage such as cracks. When these develop, a boxer may end up with worsened damage that causes an even broader array of issues. Thankfully, crowns can help manage this issue. Cracked Teeth Are Very Painful When taking on a career as a boxer, an athlete has to expect certain types of collateral damage. Read More 

Signs You Should See A Periodontist

Many adults have gingivitis or gum disease. Periodontists are dental professionals who specialize in treating and preventing gum disease. If you're experiencing signs of gum problems, scheduling an appointment to get a diagnosis and start treatment can prevent the issues from getting worse. You Have Bad Breath Bad breath can just be a sign that something about your oral hygiene routine needs to change. But it's also one of the first signs of gum disease. Read More 

How Implants Work When Replacing An Entire Arch

Your mouth has two arches – the upper one and the lower one. If you do not have any teeth on one of these arches and are considering dental implants, you might be wondering how this works. Will you need 14 implants, one for each missing tooth? A lot of people ask this question when visiting a dentist for information on tooth replacements, and here are a few things to know about it. Read More 

How Dental Implants Help Those Who Loose Teeth Due To Gum Disease

The first line of defense against oral disease is almost always brushing the teeth. But how come people who take great care of their teeth — including flossing — sometimes lose teeth anyway? They may not pay as much attention to their gums. When a person loses a tooth due to gum disease, they may need a replacement to keep their jaw strong, such as a dental implant. How Gum Disease Triggers Tooth Loss Read More 

5 Reasons Dental Care for Seniors Is Important

Older adults tend to be less concerned about the appearance of their teeth than someone younger. Further, it is not uncommon for senior citizens to neglect their dental care appointments because they can spend so much time seeking care for other ailments. Nevertheless, dental care visits with a family dentist are increasingly important for aging adults the older they get. Here is a look at five reasons dental care for a senior is so important. Read More