Some Dental Services Explained

There are different kinds of dental services to ensure you can have the dental problems addressed that you need to be addressed, whatever they may be. The information below will go over just a sampling of the many kinds of dental services there are available to people of all ages. 

Preventative dental services

Preventative dental services are services that everyone should go to the dentist for, regardless of age and other factors. Preventative dental services include things like cleaning the teeth to ensure the buildup of plaque is removed and fluoride treatments to help keep the teeth nice and strong going forward. Some other preventative dental services include things like x-rays to ensure there is nothing wrong with the teeth and a visual exam for this same reason, as well as using a handheld tool to feel the teeth and ensure they are still hard and strong. If something is found during the preventative exams, then it will be addressed and treated. 

Pediatric dental services

Pediatric dental services are those that are offered to children, beginning with babies and going up to patients who are nearing adulthood. It's important for babies to go to the dentist even when they don't have many teeth. This way, the dentist can make sure it looks like their teeth are going to be coming in correctly and that there aren't any other oral issues going on that require treatment. It's also important to get children comfortable going to the dentist since so many people end up having an irrational fear of the dentist as they get older. 

Cosmetic dental services

Cosmetic dental services are ones that help a person to have a smile that looks great. There can be a lot of things about a person's teeth that they don't like, and it's great knowing that the dentist can help with these things. For example, someone may have teeth that are spaced a bit further apart than they like. Just one cosmetic option they may have available to them is having the dentist add bonding to their teeth in a way that makes those spaces appear much smaller, or nearly nonexistent. Cosmetic dentistry can also cover things like whitening the teeth, improving the shape of the teeth, and much more. 

Orthodontic dental services

Orthodontic dental services will help with the alignment of the patient's teeth and jaw. One example of something that would fall under this category would be someone who has crooked teeth, so they decide to have braces put on in order to straighten their teeth.