3 Causes Of Bad Breath Under Your Mask And Reasons To Visit A Dentist

COVID-19 has brought various lifestyle changes, and one of them is wearing a mask in public places to prevent the spread of the virus or sickness in general. Though wearing a mask is beneficial, the experience is not glamorous for some people. Since masks were introduced, various people have realized that they have bad breaths.

If you notice that your breath stinks under the mask, you may have underlying oral hygiene problems. You can determine the causes of bad mouth odor by visiting an experienced dentist. A professional dentist will examine your mouth and find a solution to the problem. The following are various issues that cause bad breath and how to avoid them.

1. Failure to Follow Proper Oral Hygiene Practices

If you are not strict with your oral hygiene, you may allow bacteria to build up in your mouth. Bacteria may also accumulate in your mouth due to skipping flossing or brushing. The food debris and bacteria lead to a rotten egg odor, which causes bad breath. When ignored for long, these bacteria can also lead to the development of tooth decay or gum issues. However, thorough dental cleaning by an experienced dentist can help remove tartar from your mouth and avoid bad breath.

2. Habitual Smoking of Tobacco

If you indulge in smoking tobacco, you probably have the tobacco odor clinging to your clothes, body, and mouth. However, you will not realize this because smoking reduces your ability to smell the bad lingering odor. In addition, chronic smoking can lead to reduced saliva in the mouth. This combination of tobacco and a dry mouth causes the bad odor people usually have after smoking.

You can easily prevent the smoker's breath by avoiding cigarette smoking. Additionally, you will have to book a dental appointment to address bad breath, teeth discoloration, and other oral health issues caused by smoking.

3. You Have a Dry Mouth

A dry mouth is one significant reason some people have bad breath for many people since the people affected don't have enough saliva to wash away bacteria from their mouth. From smoking to underlying health issues, various issues can cause dry mouth. Sadly, using a mask does not help the situation since it might hinder you from opening your mouth regularly or hydrating as much as needed. Therefore, increasing the amount of water you drink daily is a good idea if you have a dry mouth. Also, visit your dentist to determine if there are underlying issues and their possible solutions.

You don't have to suffer from a stinky breath under your mask. Instead, visit your dentist—or search online for dentist offices like https://valleyoakdentalgroup.com/—to find out what might be causing your bad mouth odor. That way, you can get the proper treatment and learn how to maintain fresh breath.