4 Ways That Dental Implants Will Affect Your Appearance

Missing teeth have a big impact on your appearance. Because of this, missing teeth affect your social interactions at work and in your social life. Your confidence will suffer as a result. A long-term answer to this issue is dental implants. Dental implants can replace lost teeth and change your appearance for the better in several ways.

If you are considering dental implants as a means of replacing your missing teeth, then you could soon benefit from the following effects on your appearance.

1. Prevent possible spacing and bite issues

Missing teeth lead to future spacing issues like crowding and bite misalignment. This happens gradually following tooth loss because the teeth adjacent and opposite to a missing tooth begin to move into the open space left by the missing tooth. This changes your bite and affects the way your teeth come together.

This issue is more than just a functional one because as your teeth move into the gap, they'll become crooked. More than that, your crooked teeth will clash with adjacent teeth when you eat and speak, leading to chips and cracks. This will ultimately affect your appearance, especially when you smile. Placing a dental implant after losing a tooth, will prevent these issues from occurring.  

2. Restore lost facial symmetry

If you lose more teeth on one side of your face, this can cause facial asymmetry. Since the side of your face with the lost teeth doesn't have the support it needs, your face then begins to gradually sag on the affected side. This will ultimately cause your face to become asymmetrical. Placing a dental implant before this happens can prevent asymmetry. And if asymmetry has already occurred, then a new dental implant may be able to correct the issue.  

3. Restore the fullness to your lips

A lack of teeth around the mouth area can cause your lips to appear thinner and sunken in. This negatively impacts your appearance and your smile. By replacing lost teeth at the front of the mouth, you can give your lips the support they need to appear full and youthful.

4. Eliminate wrinkles

One of the worst things about losing teeth is the wrinkles that come from the resulting facial sagging. Lost teeth will cause wrinkles to form all over your face, especially around your mouth. You can eliminate wrinkles by replacing teeth. You might also benefit from facial fillers after your dental implant surgery. Together, dental implants and fillers can eliminate wrinkles around the mouth. 

Dental implants might take months to heal. But once they do, they'll be indistinguishable from natural teeth. And because of that, your confidence level will increase.