What Should You Know About Tooth Discoloration And Whitening Treatments?

A welcoming smile can make you look instantly more attractive. Smiling is also a way you can show your care for others. Unfortunately, you're less likely to smile if you feel self-conscious about your teeth. Tooth discoloration is a leading cause of smile-related insecurities. Luckily, professional teeth whitening services can restore your teeth to pearly whiteness. Here are four things you should know about tooth discoloration and teeth whitening treatments:

1. Most tooth discoloration is natural and unavoidable.

Some tooth discoloration is caused by staining. Strongly colored beverages, such as wine and coffee, can tint your teeth yellow or brown. Even acidic foods like tomato sauce and citrus fruits can stain your teeth. However, you may notice tooth discoloration even if you don't partake in foods and beverages. Your tooth enamel gets thinner as you age, which exposes the richly pigmented dentin underneath. The only way to fight this type of tooth discoloration is through teeth whitening services.

2. Your dentist can provide safe and effective teeth whitening treatments.

Teeth whitening products are widely available for purchase over-the-counter. However, these whitening treatments can cause irritation if used incorrectly. Many people are better off leaving this task to their dentists. Your dentist can expertly apply a chairside teeth whitening treatment. By carefully avoiding the soft tissues of your mouth, your dentist will help you avoid irritation. Dentists have access to powerful whitening treatments that are more effective than anything you can purchase in the drugstore.

3. The teeth whitening procedure is quick.

Time may be a factor in your hesitation to schedule a teeth whitening appointment with your dentist. You'll be happy to know that teeth whitening treatments can fit in the busiest schedules. Most teeth whitening services can be completed within 90 minutes or less. While you can certainly schedule additional appointments if you desire whiter teeth, most patients are happy with the results achieved from a single teeth whitening treatment. 

4. Tooth sensitivity caused by teeth whitening treatments is temporary and treatable.

Some people experience increased tooth sensitivity following a teeth whitening procedure. While this side effect can be uncomfortable, it's perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about. If the discomfort bothers you, your dentist may advise you to use a toothpaste containing potassium nitrate, which will soothe the nerves in your teeth. Over time, the extra sensitivity caused by your whitening treatment will fade to normal levels.