What To Expect When Having Braces Put On

Do you have an upcoming appointment to have braces installed, but feel unsure about what will happen? Here is an overview of what to expect.

Picture Taking

One of the first things the orthodontist is going to do is take photos of your teeth to record what they look like before the treatment. Not only is this helpful for the dentist to see how the treatment is progressing, but you'll love seeing the before and after picture when the treatment is finished.


You'll sit back in the dentist chair and wear a cheek retractor, which is designed to keep your cheeks as far away as possible from your teeth. The goal is to prevent any saliva from getting on your teeth once the process starts, since it can cause brackets to fall off. A substance will then be applied to your teeth known as etch, which will roughen the surface slightly so that the brackets can stick to the teeth much better. That etch is then removed with a suction tool. 


A bonding material will be applied to all those etched crevices, which will help the brackets stick to the teeth. The bonding material is carefully applied to each spot where the etch was previously applied. Putting on too much bonding material can actually cause the bond between the bracket and tooth to become weakened. A light is then used to help cure the bond. 

Bracket Installing

Now the brackets can be securely installed to the teeth. A glue is placed on the back of the bracket, and then the bracket will be placed onto the tooth. The position will then be fine tuned by the orthodontist to ensure that the brackets are all in the correct position. Once finished, each bracket's glue will be cured with a special light. You will now be given a break and allowed to sit up and rinse out your mouth

Wire Installing

There is no longer a concern about getting saliva on your teeth, so the cheek retractor will be removed. The orthodontist will then install the wire on the teeth by securing them to all the brackets. It should feel like pressure is being put on your teeth, but it will not hurt to have this part of the process done. However, it is normal to feel a lot of pressure by the evening.

For more information about the installation process for braces, contact a local orthodontist clinic such as Poulson Orthodontics.