So You Think Your Teeth Are Too Small

Many people are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth. Some think their teeth are too crooked, and others think their teeth are too big. But what if you think your teeth are too small? This might be something you've been afraid to share with other people because you think it's silly or that you can't do much about it. But you're not alone in feeling like your teeth are too small. This is definitely something you should share with your dentist — because there are things your dentist can do about it! Here are a few of the steps they may recommend.


If your teeth are specifically too narrow, which basically means you can see a gap between them, then one option is bonding. Bonding is not too different from the process of getting a filling. A composite material will be attached to the part of the tooth that needs to be made larger or wider. The procedure is painless. There may be some mild discomfort as your dentist grinds down the very surface of the tooth to make sure the bond adheres, but this discomfort is in the form of vibrations, not pain. Your dentist will select a composite that is the exact same shade as your natural teeth so that it won't be obvious your teeth have a bond on them. 


Another option is to have veneers put over the teeth that look too small. Veneers are basically covers. They sit in front of the tooth so that when someone looks at you, that person sees the veneer, and not the tooth behind it. Veneers are considered a permanent dental feature since your dentist will have to remove a little of the dental enamel in order to apply them. While a single set of veneers may not last a lifetime, you can easily have them replaced if they do become chipped or cracked.


If the teeth that look to small are also lacking in strength in some way, then your dentist may recommend having those teeth covered with crowns. A crown basically fits over the whole tooth, so it not only hides the tooth, but also strengthens and protects it. Your dentist can make the crown a little larger than they normally would so that it makes your tooth seem larger.

Look into cosmetic dentistry and talk to your dentist to learn more about these options for dealing with small teeth. You deserve to feel happy when you smile!