How To Improve Your Comfort And Anxiety When Going To The Dentist

Are you the type of person that immediately thinks of the potential discomfort that comes from going to the dentist, which makes you afraid to go? Know that you're not alone since many people fear to go to the dentist due to things such as the sights and sounds of being in the office. If you are one of those people, these tips can help improve your comfort and anxiety. 

Zone Out With Music

If it is the sound of the dental office that makes you feel nervous, try zoning out while listening to music. Your dentist will completely understand what you are going through, and should have no problem with you putting in some headphones and zoning out for the appointment. The lack of talking with your dentist may even help the appointment go by faster. Even a podcast or book on tape can help take your mind off of what is happening and focus on the words.

Use Oral Sedation

The biggest hurdle to get over when going to the dentist can sometimes be your own nerves. As the time to leave for the dentist gets closer, you may find yourself looking for excuses not to go and skipping out on it completely. Consider talking to your dentist about a prescription for oral sedation. It will require you to take a pill before your appointment that will help relax you and ease anxiety about the visit. Just be sure to plan for someone to drive you, since the side effects can make it dangerous for you to drive a vehicle. 

Use Nitrous Oxide

If you have major anxiety issues, ask your dentist about using nitrous oxide as a form of dental sedation. The wonderful thing about nitrous oxide is that it works and wears off very quickly. You can still drive to and from the dentist's office because the effects of the nitrous oxide quickly wear off as soon as it stops being administered. 

Give Yourself A Reward

Sometimes it can help to have some sort of motivation to help get through your dental appointment. Plan to reward yourself after the appointment by going to get a nice meal, or going shopping for something to treat yourself. It may seem a bit weird, but the reward can really help with motivating you to visit your dentist and get the procedure done that you need.

Your dentist can give you more ideas on what to do in order to improve your comfort.