How Dental Crowns Help Boxers With Bad Teeth Avoid Career Issues

Boxing is a very challenging career for many, especially physically because it can impact many elements unpredictably. Unfortunately, damage to the teeth is fairly common in boxing, even small damage such as cracks. When these develop, a boxer may end up with worsened damage that causes an even broader array of issues. Thankfully, crowns can help manage this issue.

Cracked Teeth Are Very Painful

When taking on a career as a boxer, an athlete has to expect certain types of collateral damage. For example, cracked teeth commonly occur in many boxers even if they wear their mouthguards. When teeth crack, it can spiral into a myriad of other problems. For example, a crack in a tooth may widen and cause other types of dental decay that can worsen a person's symptoms exponentially.

As these cracks spread, the boxer may start noticing severe tenderness, pain, and sensitivity that can be hard to tolerate, and as they continue their career, they may end up worsening the cracks through more blows to the head. All of these issues can result in a boxer struggling with bad oral health.

These issues can make their career harder in unexpected ways. For example, weak teeth may end up cracking during a boxing match and causing severe pain that forces the boxer to give up. However, corrective measures like dental crowns are available.

Ways Dental Crowns Help

Dental crowns are small bits of strong material — usually metal but sometimes ceramic elements — that fit over the top of a tooth when it suffers from damage. They are particularly useful for boxers because they can prevent small cracks and minor imperfections from becoming more severe issues.

Even better, dental crowns don't cause a lot of complications with a boxer's career. They don't get in the way of their mouthguards and typically don't require a lot of difficult maintenance. As a result, they can be an excellent option for boxers struggling with cracked teeth. And one of the best things about dental crowns is that they are usually easy to put on teeth and usually don't require a lot of maintenance.

As a result, those boxers who suffer from cracks in their teeth may want to talk to their dentist about the benefits of crowns. Some may even want to add crowns to their teeth before they crack, as they can help prevent cracks from starting in the first place and ensure a high-quality smile for years to come.