How Implants Work When Replacing An Entire Arch

Your mouth has two arches – the upper one and the lower one. If you do not have any teeth on one of these arches and are considering dental implants, you might be wondering how this works. Will you need 14 implants, one for each missing tooth? A lot of people ask this question when visiting a dentist for information on tooth replacements, and here are a few things to know about it.

The basic features of dental implants

People with missing teeth seek dental implants as a way of filling in the gaps and having teeth to use. Implants offer a permanent replacement, and they have significant benefits over other choices. An implant has several key parts, and each is vital. The first part is the small implant a dentist puts in the jawbone. This is the crutch that holds the tooth in place. From there, a dentist sticks a small abutment in the implant and attaches the tooth to it. Once complete, you have a tooth that looks like a real one.

How a dentist replaces just one tooth

If you have one gap in your mouth from a missing tooth, the dentist will perform the procedure by starting with the implant. After the bone fuses with it, the dentist will complete the process by adding the other two components. The process is not instant, but instead, it takes months to complete. Once finished, though, you will have an artificial tooth that lasts a lifetime.

How a dentist replaces a full arch

The procedure for replacing a full arch is very different than the process of replacing just one missing tooth. The bottom arch has 14 teeth, not counting wisdom teeth, and the top arch is the same. You will not need 14 implants, though. Instead, a dentist can place four implants in your mouth to supply you with a full arch on the bottom or top.

Next, the dentist places a bridge over the entire arch, and the dentist connects the bridge to the four implants. Finally, a dentist attaches an entire arch of artificial teeth to the bridge. When complete, you have an entire pallet of artificial teeth. If you need both arches, a dentist will perform the procedure on both the upper and lower arches in your mouth.

Choosing implants is a good option for missing teeth. If you are ready to learn more about implants, contact a dental clinic today.