5 Reasons Dental Care for Seniors Is Important

Older adults tend to be less concerned about the appearance of their teeth than someone younger. Further, it is not uncommon for senior citizens to neglect their dental care appointments because they can spend so much time seeking care for other ailments. Nevertheless, dental care visits with a family dentist are increasingly important for aging adults the older they get. Here is a look at five reasons dental care for a senior is so important.

1. Deteriorating dental pulp can be an issue. 

Deterioration of the interior of your teeth, which is referred to as the pulp, can begin when you hit a certain age. This condition can cause the teeth to look darker than usual because the outer enamel is a bit translucent. 

2. Some conditions can show significant signs in your mouth. 

Did you know that a dentist can sometimes see signs of things like heart disease or diabetes in your mouth? It is not uncommon for a senior to go to a dentist and learn that they need further medical examination because there are signs of other problems happening in the body. 

3. Gum disease can become a bigger risk. 

Unfortunately, 70.1% of people who are over the age of 65 have some level of periodontal disease. Even though some of these issues cannot be cured, progression can be slowed with proper dental care. 

4. Bone loss can be diagnosed by looking at your teeth. 

Bone loss is a common issue that comes along with aging. However, without traditional bone density scans, you may not know you are more at risk for bone fractures. The dentist often is the first one to spot issues with bone loss because of changes in your teeth. 

5. Lessened sensitivity can mean a lack of spotting problems. 

The nerves that cause sensitivity in the teeth can wane as you get older. While this sounds like a positive attribute of getting older, it also means you may not recognize signs of a problem. For example, a cavity in a spot that's difficult to see may go unnoticed as it grows larger. 

Create a Comprehensive Dental Care Plan with Your Dentist 

As a senior citizen, every aspect of your health should be tended to carefully since the health of your mouth is apposite for the health of your body. Reach out to a family dentist to create a comprehensive care plan for your teeth and oral health.