Considering Dental Veneers? Know These 5 Things

Many people have dental veneers placed on their teeth when they are looking to hide imperfections with their smile. While this cosmetic procedure can be a great way to give you confidence when you show your teeth, it's important to know the following things about them.

Veneers Can't Be Removed

Dental veneers are not something that you can take off whenever you want to. The veneers are permanently attached to the teeth, with a dentist being the only one that is able to remove them. This is a good thing because it ensures that the veneers are not going to shift out of position, fall out, or be lost or damaged when out of your mouth. 

Veneers Can Chip

Dental veneers are not impervious to becoming damaged. It is possible for the veneer surface to become chipped if you are not careful with how you take care of them. For example, people can fall back on old habits, such as chewing on pen caps or ice cubes, which can cause damage to your teeth in the process. 

Veneers Can Be Too White

If you're using dental veneers to cover teeth that are discolored, know that it's possible to select a color for your dental veneers that are too white and look unnatural. Trust the judgment of your dentist when recommending a shade of dental veneers so that they look natural in your mouth. 

Veneers Can Be Put On Individual Teeth

Many people assume that you need a full set of veneers to cover the entire row of teeth. This is not true since you only need veneers on teeth that have cosmetic flaws that need to be fixed. This can help reduce how much you pay for dental veneers as well since a whole row of veneers are going to be more expensive than just having them placed on the teeth that need it.

Veneers Will Eventually Need To Be Replaced

Dental veneers do have a lifespan, after which it will be time to replace the veneers with new material. Since installing the dental veneers involves removing a thin layer of enamel to make room for the veneers, it is recommended that you do not leave the teeth bare once the veneers are damaged to the point where they need to be removed. Be prepared to make an investment in your smile over the years to keep it looking great.

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