How Dental Implants Improve Older Adults’ Ability To Speak

As people age and lose teeth, they will experience a variety of problems that can make their lives more difficult. For example, losing too many teeth can make a person's speech very garbled and hard to understand. This situation can be very frustrating and emotionally difficult, but dental implants can help to ensure that this concern doesn't become a real problem.

Why Clear Speech is So Critical

Speaking clearly is important because it helps to make communication easier and more accurate. This benefit is crucial at any age but is particularly so for older adults. Unfortunately, these individuals are more likely to lose teeth and end up struggling to talk properly. Though the effect may be subtle, their speech can take on a slightly different tone by becoming slurred or slightly hard to hear.

Unfortunately, this type of slurred or inaccurate talking may make a person more difficult to understand. And for older adults, a lack of communication capability can be quite frustrating and may cause them to feel depressed or anxious. Some may shut down and stop talking to people, while others may simply feel old. Thankfully, there are ways to treat this problem that can truly help.

How Dental Implants Help

Dental implants are singular tooth-shaped items implanted directly into the jaw. They fill up the gap left by missing teeth and are very strong and aesthetically pleasing. When added properly to the jaw, they help an older adult speak more clearly and avoids the kind of slurring and potential whistling that may occur if they lose one or more teeth in their older age.

As a result, older adults can feel more comfortable with themselves and more confident with their ability to speak. This could result in them making new friends, trying out new social hobbies, or simply staying active in their normal community interactions. In this way, they can stay happy for years to come and can avoid falling into depression or anxiety about their speech and their appearance.

Before getting dental implants, an older adult should talk to their primary care physician to decide if this option is right for them. While dental implants are very safe, suitable for many different lifestyles, and easily tolerated by most people, there may be those who do not handle them well. Talk with a dentist and your doctor can help to clear up any concerns about implants and avoid unnecessary complications.