How To Keep Your Teeth Health In Between Dental Visits

When you want to take good care of your oral health, it's important to go to the dentist twice a year for routine cleanings. Your dentist will carefully inspect your teeth and gums, looking for any problems that might be present. Getting your teeth cleaned twice a year is a great start to good oral health, but paying attention to what you eat and drink between visits is also going to have a big impact. While you might hear plenty about avoiding sugar and sticky treats, there are ways you can keep your mouth healthy by eating foods that are good for you as well. When you avoid food that is bad for your teeth and eat the good, your oral health will improve.

Vitamins to Promote Gum Health

Your gum tissue is sensitive, and you might discover gum problems if you brush your teeth and find blood. Your dentist may recommend treatment for early gum disease, and you can help prevent this from occurring by getting the right vitamins in your food. Vitamin C is great for your oral health, as is iron, Vitamin D, and calcium. You can find Vitamin C in citrus fruits, but be careful of drinking too much acidic juice as this can break down your enamel. Calcium helps strengthen teeth, and Vitamin D promotes good tissue health.

Leafy Greens for Clean Teeth

Crunchy, raw vegetables not only provide you with good nutrition, but they can also help clean your teeth in between each brushing. While cooked vegetables contain vitamins, crunchy raw vegetables are gently abrasive and will help remove any plaque or tartar from your teeth. When you are looking for a snack that is good for your teeth, crunchy vegetables are the answer. 

Things You Drink

Coffee and wine can stain your teeth, while acidic juices can break down the enamel. Sugary drinks are never a good idea, as they promote tooth decay. Drink plenty of water when you are concerned about your oral health. This will cleanse your mouth throughout the day and give you enough hydration so that your gums are healthy. While you can still drink coffee and wine, consider the impact they have on the color of your teeth.

Talk to your dentist if you are concerned about your oral health. Get regular dental checkups twice a year, and make sure you follow through with all treatment recommendations. Your oral health can stay well in between appointments with good habits in place.