Interested In Getting Dental Implants? The Details You Should Know Before The Procedure Begins

Dental implants are a great replacement for natural teeth that may no longer be in good condition or could have become loose for one of many reasons, such as impact or decay. If you've thought about getting dental implants but are still indecisive, there are many things to know about these implants and the procedure before you go through with getting a dental implant inserted into your gums.

Dental Implants Are More Than Just a Cosmetic Treatment

Some may assume that dental implants are purely cosmetic, with people choosing to undergo this procedure because they don't like how their smile looks with a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. However, they're more than just a cosmetic treatment that can drastically improve your smile and give you confidence when talking to others. When you're missing teeth, doing something as simple as chewing certain foods, such as steak, can be rather tricky. A dental implant can improve your ability to chew your food better and enjoy a wide variety of foods, even if they're crunchy or a bit tough to chew.

A Dental Implant May Be the Better Option Compared to Dentures

While there is nothing wrong with getting dentures, you may only need a dental implant because you're missing a single tooth. When the rest of the teeth are still in excellent condition, there is no use in getting dentures. Instead, you can have a custom dental implant crafted to look like all the other teeth in your mouth so that it will continue to go unnoticed. Even if you have more than one missing tooth, dental implants might be a better option over dentures for you, so consult with your dentist to determine what treatment would be the right fit.

The Recovery Can Take Months, But You Should Expect Minimal Discomfort

Healing from a dental implant is a process. It's not unusual for it to take several months to fully heal from the procedure because the implant connects with the bone beneath the gums, integrating itself to stay put and not fall out. While patients can experience some swelling and irritation in the first few days, it doesn't last long, and your dentist can recommend ways to ease your discomfort so that it's not a big issue for you.

Dental implants are worth getting when missing a tooth or several teeth. The procedure is more than just a cosmetic treatment, enabling you to eat better, maintain good oral hygiene, and ultimately feel more confident whenever you smile or talk to others. To learn more, contact a dentist in your area.