Replacing Your Missing Tooth With A Dental Implant

The loss of a tooth can be a major cosmetic and functional issue. Whenever someone has suffered the loss of a tooth, they will likely want to review their options for having the lost tooth replaced.

Assumption: There Will Always Be A Significant Delay Between The Extraction And The Placement

There are some patients that will simply assume that they have to wait weeks or months before they will be able to have their implant placed after their tooth is extracted. In reality, this is typically only required when a person has gum disease or other issues that will have to be treated first. Furthermore, there are many dental professionals who actually prefer to place these implants at the same time as the extraction. This can allow for the implant to be placed in the natural spot where the tooth was located far more easily. In addition to improving the stability of the implant, this can also ensure the implant is properly spaced.

Assumption: Dental Implants Will Look Noticeably Different Than Your Natural Teeth

Regardless of the tooth replacement option that you choose for your smile, you will want it to be as natural looking and discrete as possible. This can allow for your smile to be fully restored to its natural appearance. Luckily, dental implants can provide one of the most natural appearances and discrete tooth replacement options. Unlike dental bridges or other options, an implant will actually be installed in the gum and jaw. This can avoid small gaps or other visible clues that the tooth is artificial.

Assumption: Dental Implants Are Only Suitable For Those Who Are Missing One Or Two Teeth

Another common assumption that people may have about dental implants is that these options are only suitable when a patient is only needing one or two teeth replaced. In reality, it is possible to do a full mouth replacement, which can involve placing implants for all of the teeth in the mouth. Additionally, these implants can be combined with bridges to provide a total restoration while also minimizing the costs that will be involved. Meeting with a dental implant professional can allow you to learn more about your options for replacing your missing tooth as well as understand the types of results that you will be able to expect. This can empower your decision-making so that you are able to properly evaluate the potential tooth replacement options to find one that will provide you with the best results.

To learn more about dental implants, reach out to a local dental clinic.