Ways To Tell That Your Child Needs Braces

When your child's baby teeth initially come in, it's difficult to tell if they'll need to see an orthodontist in the future. However, as the majority of their teeth appear, you may become concerned that they will need braces. There are a few key things to look for as you consider an orthodontic consult, including the following.

Difficulty Chewing

If the teeth on the top of your child's mouth and the teeth on the bottom are misaligned, it can be difficult for them to bite or chew. They may have trouble eating certain foods or taking large bites. They may have trouble getting their top and bottom jaw to align correctly to chew comfortably. If your child complains to you about these issues or other problems chewing, it may be time to consult a professional.

Irregular Loss of Baby Teeth

Baby teeth don't always fall out on a specific schedule, but the majority of them should be gone by the time your child hits their adolescence. If they're still hanging on to baby teeth, or if they have baby teeth that become loose but then don't want to come out for a long time, it may be worth having the situation evaluated.

Crowded Teeth

Overly crowded teeth can cause discomfort and misalignment. If your child's teeth are cramped and crowded in their mouth, they may have trouble cleaning and maintaining them correctly. It can be difficult to floss between the teeth, food may get stuck between their teeth and be difficult to remove, and there may not be enough room in their mouth for all of their adult teeth as they grow in. This can lead to teeth coming in in the wrong positions, in front or behind other teeth, or growing in at odd angles. An orthodontist can assess the situation and help correct it with braces, aligners, or other orthodontic devices. These can reduce the crowding and help keep them more comfortable.

If your child is experiencing these issues or other alignment issues with their teeth, it may be time to consult an orthodontist. These talented professionals will thoroughly evaluate the condition of their teeth, then help you develop a treatment plan. Braces can help solve issues with alignment, ensuring that your child has straight, well-aligned teeth after treatment is complete. Contact a local orthodontist today for a full evaluation and quote, so that you can learn how to get started.